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Modern Technology Makes Building Inspections More Efficient

What equipment do building and pest inspectors use? The short answer is that two items of modern technology make building and pest inspections much more efficient and effective: The Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera Moisture Meters What role does the building

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Top 3 Benefits Of A Building Handover Inspection For Your New Property

What is a handover inspection? A handover inspection is a report for the buyer of a newly constructed property and is done before the buyer takes possession of the new property. Why a handover inspection is not only important but

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A Pre-Sale Pest And Building Inspection May Be Your Best Sales Tactic

Did you know that pre-sale building and pest inspections are not only for buyers, but sellers can benefit from them too? Properties in top tip condition can quickly sell at a high price. As a vendor, you’ll want to get

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Every Home Has Dirty Little Secrets

A pest and mould home inspection will reveal any dangers to your family’s health and safety. Your house may not be as clean and safe as you think! You probably often think of you and your family’s health and safety.

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Why You Need A Vendor’s Inspection Report

A Vendor’s Inspection Report gives you the best chance of selling your property fast. Real estate transactions can be difficult and emotional. Not all transactions are the same; you might come across a buyer with unrealistic expectations or someone who

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How To Prevent A Costly Plumbing Disaster

How often do you check your house’s plumbing system? According to one study, around 30 percent of homes inspected during a pre-purchase inspection have issues. One of the most common problems comes from the network of water and sewer pipes

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Why A Pest & Building Inspector Wants To See Your Weep Holes

What are weep holes? Weep holes are the gaps that you see between some bricks in the exterior brick walls of your home. They are small openings that allow water to drain from inside the structure. Weep holes exist in

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5 Hidden Building Faults That Can Cost You More Money

Don’t let excitement of buying a new property cloud your judgement … In the excitement of looking for your new house, it is easy to overlook important details. Your priority when buying a home might be its size or other

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