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Practical Completion Inspection (The Most Important Home Inspection)

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Don’t let the excitement of building your new home cloud your judgement! Building a new home can be an exhilarating experience and you’ll want to move into your new place as soon as you can. Don’t sign those papers and

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Expert Evidence In Building Disputes (What You Need To Know)

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What is expert evidence? Expert evidence is used to assist the court when certain cases involve matters on which it does not have the required technical or specialist knowledge. Expert evidence can be a written affidavit, report or testimony given

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Expert Witnesses in Building Disputes (What Is Their Role?)

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When do you need an expert witness If you have an unresolved building dispute and it has reached the NCAT you will need to provide evidence to support your case. An expert witness can help strengthen a legal argument to

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Top Tips For New Home Final Inspection

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What is a New Home Final Inspection? A New Home Final Inspection is an inspection where a final walkthrough is performed after practical completion of any of the following building works: Building a new home Renovations Extensions Why you need

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Roof Void Defects (How To Check If Your House Has Them)

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What is a roof void? The roof void is the space beneath the roof structure and above the ceiling joists of the uppermost room or rooms in your home. The state of your a roof void can provide a picture

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Building Inspections Can Identify Hard To Detect Defects In Your Home

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Your perfect home may not be what it seems Why a building inspection is crucial before you make a property purchase Finding and buying your ideal property is not always without issues. The house you are eyeing off may appear

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How Trends Affect Building Inspections

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Why you should keep up with the latest trends in building inspections Building inspections have been a big help to owners in assessing the risks and dangers of their property or of properties they plan to buy. Improving building standards is essential

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Building Disputes | Top 5 Tips to Resolve Them

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Why building disputes happen In a building or construction project, many things can go wrong. Here are just some of the possibilities: Plans lack critical detail and specifications, leading to varying interpretations. High and often unrealistic expectations that are seldom

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