UAV Drones In Building Inspections | And How They Help

uav drones in building inspections

Many industries are adapting to modern technology, including UAV drones in building inspections Technology has been revolutionising different aspects of everyday life. In the last few years, a range of industries has embraced numerous advances in technology. Among the industries taking

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Construction Expert Witness Roles And Qualifications

Construction expert witness roles and qualifications - image

Why you may need a construction expert witness When you are involved in a building project, disputes are inevitable. Often, unresolved disputes lead to litigation. Engaging a Construction Expert Witness can help strengthen your legal argument so the court can

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Stage Construction Inspections Can Make Or Break Your Home Building Experience

stage construction inspections

Want a home building experience that’s stress-free? Stage construction inspections will lessen stress There is nothing like the excitement of building a new home. However, not all things can go smoothly. When you are not familiar with the building trades,

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How Mortgage Brokers Can Build Good Referral Sources Through Building Inspections

mortgage brokers good referral sources - image

Why a satisfied client can be a good source of referrals Good referral sources are essential for any mortgage broker. The challenge of generating quality leads is common in the property sales industry. Mortgage brokers usually rely on establishing a

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Pre-Purchase Inspection Reports For Low-rise Commercial Properties (And How They Help You)

pre-purchase inspection reports for commercial properties

Why bother with a pre-purchase building inspection for a commercial property? When you buy a commercial property, you don’t want to spend money unnecessarily on repairs that could have been identified beforehand. You’ll want to achieve a successful transaction with

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Vendor Inspection Reports (And Why Sellers Want Them)

vendor inspection reports and why sellers want them

Why Vendor Inspections and reports are becoming a trend Vendor Inspections or Pre-listing Inspections and Reports are becoming a part of sellers’ pre-closing process. Many sellers see pre-listing inspections as a hassle-free move that avoids delays and issues of doing

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Why You Need A Dilapidation Building Report Before You Extend Or Renovate Your Home

Are you planning to extend or renovate your property?   Before you start work on any home extensions or renovations, it is important to consult with your neighbours first and get a Dilapidation Building Inspection And Inspection Report. What is

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Why You Need Stage Inspections When Building A New Home

Stage Inspections When Building A New Home

What you need to know about Stage Inspections when building a new home If you’re building a new home, you may already appreciate how important Stage Construction Inspections are. Stage Construction Inspections are essential if you want a professional and

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