Why You Need A Dilapidation Building Report Before You Extend Or Renovate Your Home

Are you planning to extend or renovate your property?   Before you start work on any home extensions or renovations, it is important to consult with your neighbours first and get a Dilapidation Building Inspection And Inspection Report. What is

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Why You Need Stage Inspections When Building A New Home

Stage Inspections When Building A New Home

What you need to know about Stage Inspections when building a new home If you’re building a new home, you may already appreciate how important Stage Construction Inspections are. Stage Construction Inspections are essential if you want a professional and

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Different Types of Building Inspections (And When To Use Them)

Types of Building Inspections

What do Building Inspectors actually do? Building inspectors make sure that infrastructures are safe by checking the building infrastructure complies with: Building codes Ordinances Zoning laws. Independent building inspectors make sure that the structural integrity and materials used comply with

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What Is A Construction Stage Inspection?

expert construction stage inspections

If you’re building a new home, you need to know about expert construction stage inspections … When you dream of building a new home, you picture a perfect outcome during the planning stage. Sadly, just like any other construction project,

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How To Avoid Building Disputes

How To Avoid Building Disputes

The truth is that nobody wins in building disputes … That’s why you need to know how to avoid building disputes before you even start your project. Whether you’re building a new home, renovating or adding an extension, you expect

What Are The Real Reason For Building Inspections?

purpose of building inspections

Independent Building Inspections are essential for every property transaction. All builders have to follow minimum safety standards outlined in the adopted codes as mandated by law. The purpose of building inspections is to help ensure that builders comply with these

Waterproofing Standards And Why You Want To Exceed Them

building waterproofing standards

Building waterproofing standards are created to protect your property from its number one enemy – water damage! Water leaks, whether from external or internal sources, can cause significant property damage. If you are buying or building a new home, you

Why The Right Expert Witness Is Essential In Building Litigation

Do you have an unresolved building dispute and need an expert witness in building disputes? If your building dispute has not been resolved through mediation, you or the other party may wish to take legal action through the NCAT tribunal. When

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