Building & Pest Inspection with Thermal Camera

What is Thermal Imaging inspections? and why is it needed?

Building & Pest Inspection with Thermal Camera with Independent Building Inspections

Building & Pest Inspection with Thermal Camera

Thermal imaging inspections are basically a method of detecting the differences in a wall’s heat energy as well as detecting many items that could be a concern that are concealed by wall linings e.g. termite sub nests and damage, moisture damage and other hidden problems.

Thermal imaging is a non-destructive diagnostic tool that can be used with a standard building and pest inspection, the thermal imaging camera can alert the Building Inspector to broken waterproof membranes, leaking pipes, areas of high moisture and even termites.

Termites need moisture to survive and a Termite nest shows up on the camera because of the high moisture content and heat generated by the Termites.

Cold air exfiltrating from indoors on hot day

Cold air exfiltrating from indoors on hot day


Ceiling leak – a patch of water seen as the darker cooler area.


Water evident around the Airconditioning duct and treveling to the corner it came in from.








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