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Why The Right Expert Witness Is Essential In Building Litigation

Do you have an unresolved building dispute and need an expert witness in building disputes? If your building dispute has not been resolved through mediation, you or the other party may wish to take legal action through the NCAT tribunal. When

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Expert Witness & Building Dispute Mediation

Why you may need mediation or an expert witness to help resolve your building dispute … The rise of the Building and Construction industry has inevitably led to an increasing number of building disputes. Building disputes can be complex because

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The Building Dispute “Expert” – Friend or Foe?

What makes a building consultant? You probably wonder what “consultants” really know about building; how do these “collar and tie” people qualify as experts? It’s a common question asked on building sites. Truth is, the “consultant” probably has been in

Construction Expert Witness: A Litigation Guide

Why you may become involved in litigation about your building project Construction projects are usually long-term, complex transactions. These factors produce the potential for disagreements and differences about contract terms. What’s more, many people have interests at stake in construction

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How To Get Help With Building Claims Or Litigation

Do you need an Expert Witness Report for NCAT Tribunal or Court? If you are a property owner, a contractor or subcontractor, chances are you have been caught up in building disputes one time or another. In building disputes, emotions

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Resolving NSW Building Disputes

More building projects create the potential for more building disputes … Home building projects in New South Wales are experiencing a boom and forecasts are for it to continue over the next five years, according to the NSW government. Sadly,

Construction Expert Witness – When Do You Need One?

What is a construction expert witness? A construction expert witness has extensive knowledge and expertise in the construction industry, including all aspects of construction techniques, planning and costs. He /she gives experts evidence at a Tribunal or Court based on

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