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Modern Technology Makes Building Inspections More Efficient

What equipment do building and pest inspectors use? The short answer is that two items of modern technology make building and pest inspections much more efficient and effective: The Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera Moisture Meters What role does the building

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Infrared Cameras Help Reduce Home Energy Consumption

Infrared Cameras Help Reduce Home Energy Consumption

Infrared cameras How can infrared cameras help reduce home energy consumption? These devices are used to check the building substance and air circulation during and after construction. The aim of a low-energy home is to avoid heat loss or to keep

What A Thermal Imaging Camera Can See That You Cannot

Free thermal imaging is included in building and pest inspection reports by Independent Building Inspections - image

What is a thermal imaging camera? A Thermal Imaging Camera  is a device that uses infrared radiation to detect tiny differences of temperature, allowing a building inspector to see areas of heat through heat-permeable barriers like smoke and darkness. Unlike

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