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Pre-Purchase Inspection Reports For Low-rise Commercial Properties (And How They Help You)

pre-purchase inspection reports for commercial properties

Why bother with a pre-purchase building inspection for a commercial property? When you buy a commercial property, you don’t want to spend money unnecessarily on repairs that could have been identified beforehand. You’ll want to achieve a successful transaction with

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Different Types of Building Inspections (And When To Use Them)

Types of Building Inspections

What do Building Inspectors actually do? Building inspectors make sure that infrastructures are safe by checking the building infrastructure complies with: Building codes Ordinances Zoning laws. Independent building inspectors make sure that the structural integrity and materials used comply with

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What Are The Real Reason For Building Inspections?

purpose of building inspections

Independent Building Inspections are essential for every property transaction. All builders have to follow minimum safety standards outlined in the adopted codes as mandated by law. The purpose of building inspections is to help ensure that builders comply with these

Waterproofing Standards And Why You Want To Exceed Them

building waterproofing standards

Building waterproofing standards are created to protect your property from its number one enemy – water damage! Water leaks, whether from external or internal sources, can cause significant property damage. If you are buying or building a new home, you

A Pre-Sale Pest And Building Inspection May Be Your Best Sales Tactic

Did you know that pre-sale building and pest inspections are not only for buyers, but sellers can benefit from them too? Properties in top tip condition can quickly sell at a high price. As a vendor, you’ll want to get

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5 Hidden Building Faults That Can Cost You More Money

Don’t let excitement of buying a new property cloud your judgement … In the excitement of looking for your new house, it is easy to overlook important details. Your priority when buying a home might be its size or other

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Pre-Purchase Building Inspections: More Than A Money Saver

Should you skip getting a pre-purchase building inspection to save money? The truth is, skipping a pre-purchase building inspection can be more expensive in the long term. Many property buyers can tell you cautionary tales about the dangers of opting

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Top 5 Pre-Purchase House Inspection Questions

Most potential homeowners recognise the importance of pre-purchase inspections Deciding to book a pre-purchase home inspection is your first step in the right direction because it shows you already recognise the importance of protecting your property investment right from the

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