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How Special Purpose Building Inspections Can Offer Peace Of Mind

Does your home need an independent, special purpose inspection? If you have discovered a problem with your home and you’re confused about how to address it because you don’t have the expertise to assess the problem, then your next course

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Buyer Beware – The Risks Of Illegal Building Works

Did you know that as many as 30% of buildings in Australia have some form of illegal building? Illegal building is a common risk for you as a buyer. You may have no idea that your new home may come

5 Ways A Good Conveyancer Will Save Your Butt!

Why you need a good conveyancer? If you have never bought or sold a home, you might be wondering about the role of a conveyancer in your real estate transaction. What does conveyancer do? Conveyancers work on your behalf to

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Water Damage Causing Efflorescence

Damage caused by water … The lime water in this image shows the path of water penetrating the tiled surface, starting as rainwater and leaving as lime water, which hardens as ugly-looking calcium deposits. The more water can penetrate the surface, the more

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