Swimming Pool Certificate of Compliance

Swimming pool certificate of compliance – do you have yours?

Swimming pool owners - you need a Certificate of Compliance before you can sell or lease your property! - image

Swimming pool owners – you need a Certificate of Compliance before you can sell or lease your property!

From 29 April 2016 all properties in NSW with a swimming pool or spa pool cannot be sold or leased without a valid certificate of compliance.

Independent Building Inspections are specialists in providing a fast and thorough certification process for your swimming pool and spa.

Four Reasons to Choose Independent Building Inspections

  1. Peace of mind: Our inspectors are certified, experienced, insured and compliant with Australian Standards and the NSW Swimming Pools act.
  2. Fast turnaround: Inspections can often be undertaken within 24 hours of booking and your report is finalised and delivered on the same day as inspection takes place.
  3. Weekend availability: We undertake inspections 7 days a week.
  4. Detailed reports: If any items are found to be non-compliant, we provide you with possible outcomes in order to achieve compliance.

Who are Certified Pool Inspections for?

  • Those leasing, selling or buying residential properties
  • Real estate and property managers, strata managers and owners corporations
  • Residential or Pool Certification
  • Builders and tradesmen
  • All pool owners

The Steps Involved in Pool Inspection with Independent Building Inspections

  1. Book a pool inspection by calling Paul on 0419 868 008 or via email to paul@ibi.net.au
  2. A fully certified pool inspector will complete the assessment of the pool fences and surrounds.
  3. You will receive a detailed report on the outcomes of the assessment.
  4. If further work is required to meet standards, you will be provided with details of any non-compliant areas along with possible options for rectifying the issues in order to make your swimming pool safe and compliant.
  5. Issue you with your Certificate of Compliance.

Pool certification inspections in all areas of Sydney

3 Easy Ways to Book Your Pool Inspection

  1. Call Paul on 0419 868 008
  2. Email paul@ibi.net.au
  3. Visit www.independentbuildinginspections.com and complete the inspection request form

Protect Those in Your Pool 
AND Yourself!
Even if you are not leasing or selling
your property,
Pool Compliance Certification
may protect you from costly legal action in the event of an accident and lasts for 3 years.
Certification is beneficial
for all pool owners.

Independent Building Inspections helped simplify the process on getting our pool compliant, helping us with unlimited advice. I would strongly recommend their prompt and very professional service.

Adrian, Coogee NSW