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Expert Evidence In Building Disputes (What You Need To Know)

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What is expert evidence? Expert evidence is used to assist the court when certain cases involve matters on which it does not have the required technical or specialist knowledge. Expert evidence can be a written affidavit, report or testimony given

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Construction Expert Witness Roles And Qualifications

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Why you may need a construction expert witness When you are involved in a building project, disputes are inevitable. Often, unresolved disputes lead to litigation. Engaging a Construction Expert Witness can help strengthen your legal argument so the court can

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Construction Expert Witness: A Litigation Guide

Why you may become involved in litigation about your building project Construction projects are usually long-term, complex transactions. These factors produce the potential for disagreements and differences about contract terms. What’s more, many people have interests at stake in construction

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Construction Expert Witness – When Do You Need One?

What is a construction expert witness? A construction expert witness has extensive knowledge and expertise in the construction industry, including all aspects of construction techniques, planning and costs. He /she gives experts evidence at a Tribunal or Court based on

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