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Top 3 Benefits Of A Building Handover Inspection For Your New Property

What is a handover inspection? A handover inspection is a report for the buyer of a newly constructed property and is done before the buyer takes possession of the new property. Why a handover inspection is not only important but

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Building and Pest Inspections Help You Make Smarter Decisions

Building & pest inspections help you make smarter decisions

An alarming number of property buyers are skipping a Building and Pest Inspection just to save a few dollars No property is perfect When you are in the market to own, rent or invest in a property, you can expect

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Pre-Handover Home Inspection – Do You Really Need One?

Pre-handover inspection revealed that this planter box allows pests to freely enter - image

Building your new home can be exciting, stressful and filled with anticipation … Finally, the building of your new home is finished and you are well and truly ready to move in! However, is your new home really ready for you? Is

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Construction Expert Witness – When Do You Need One?

What is a construction expert witness? A construction expert witness has extensive knowledge and expertise in the construction industry, including all aspects of construction techniques, planning and costs. He /she gives experts evidence at a Tribunal or Court based on

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Why Pre-purchase Building Inspections Are Essential!

What is the purpose of a pre purchase building inspection? The purpose of a pre purchase building inspection is to provide you with advice about the condition of the house at the time of the inspection. A building inspection looks

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Water Damage Causing Efflorescence

Damage caused by water … The lime water in this image shows the path of water penetrating the tiled surface, starting as rainwater and leaving as lime water, which hardens as ugly-looking calcium deposits. The more water can penetrate the surface, the more

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Avoid Hiring The Wrong Home Inspector!

How experienced is your building inspector? Hiring the wrong building or home inspector to do your pre-purchase building and pest inspection and report can be a very costly mistake, so you want to ask the right questions up front! Only a

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Health Effects of Mould In Your Home or Office

 What is mould? Mould is a type of fungus. Many different types of mould are found in homes and other buildings. They spread by releasing millions of tiny spores into the airand can have serious health effects. Mould needs moisture to grow Moulds need moisture

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