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Why Your Pool Must Be Registered and Certified

Your pool must be registered and certified for very good reasons. What do pool safety laws cover? Pool safety laws apply to all types of pools including: Outdoor pools Indoor pools Portable & inflatable pools Spa pools Residential properties and

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Every Home Has Dirty Little Secrets

A pest and mould home inspection will reveal any dangers to your family’s health and safety. Your house may not be as clean and safe as you think! You probably often think of you and your family’s health and safety.

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Pre-Purchase Building Inspections: More Than A Money Saver

Should you skip getting a pre-purchase building inspection to save money? The truth is, skipping a pre-purchase building inspection can be more expensive in the long term. Many property buyers can tell you cautionary tales about the dangers of opting

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Building and Pest Inspections Help You Make Smarter Decisions

Building & pest inspections help you make smarter decisions

An alarming number of property buyers are skipping a Building and Pest Inspection just to save a few dollars No property is perfect When you are in the market to own, rent or invest in a property, you can expect

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Property Transactions: Hire A Solicitor Or A Conveyancer?

Why you want proper guidance when buying or selling a property … If you are like most people who are buying or selling a property you want to make sure your property transaction goes smoothly. You want to avoid unnecessary

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Expert Witness & Building Dispute Mediation

Why you may need mediation or an expert witness to help resolve your building dispute … The rise of the Building and Construction industry has inevitably led to an increasing number of building disputes. Building disputes can be complex because

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How To Find A Quality Conveyancer In Sydney

Are you looking for a conveyancer to help you buy a new home, sell your old home or invest in property? When you sell or buy property, there a lot of things you need to think about and do. If

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Top Ten Tricks By Home Vendors For A Fast Sale

Buyer beware! If you want to sell your home you may be keen to do it quickly so you can get on with the next phase of your life. You may even be anxious to move on to your next

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