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All inspections performed by a fully qualified and insured Builder with 25+ years experience.

Qualified Master Builder
HIA Member
Building Professionals Board Member


Independent Building Inspections

Be assured of receiving a completely unbiased report. With over 30 years of building experience, we'll make sure you understand the complete picture when it comes to your property and leave you empowered to make a fully informed decision.

Unlike many inspection companies, we ensure we have the most comprehensive and up to date certifications and training (along with our many years of experience) to provide our clients with the most accurate reports possible.

In fact, our expertise means that we are frequently called upon the courts to provide testimony when an expert witness is required in building matters!

Why Us?IBIOthers
Professional Indemnity InsuranceYesNo
Licenced Master BuildersYesNo
Accredited Building ConsultantsYesNo
Licensed Pre-Purchase InspectorsYesNo
25+ Years Construction ExperienceYesNo
Report Turnaround in 24 HoursYesNo

Qualified Master Builder

25+ Years Building Experience

Expert Witness

Get the peace of mind of knowing your inspection has been performed by someone the courts often call upon as an expert witness!


Here's a bit more about what we do!


You've got questions? We've got answers!

Why is "independent" important?

Being independent means we can't be influenced by any builder or building company. When you hire us, we work for you and not the builder!

What qualifications do you have?

In addition to over 25 years building experience, we are a qualified Master Builder, a member of the HIA, a Building Professionals Board member AND we're registered with the Department of Fair Trading. That means we can tell a lot more when inspecting a home than the average inspector!

What difference is there between you and someone else?

Outside the numerous qualifications and years of experience, our inspectors are registered expert witness and are frequently called upon to provide expert opinion in building matters. That means even the courts know that we are good at what we do.

Do you have insurance?

Yes, we have complete professional indemnity insurance and can provide certificates of currency on request.

How long does it take to get an inspection report?

If the property isn't already listed in our database, we can provide you with an inspection report within 24 hours of completing the inspection. If the report is in our database already, it is delivered electronically within minutes of making payment for your order.

Get true peace of mind with a
truly independent inspection.


Mathew Burns

Lane Cove

I was surprised when I discovered that over 70% of inspectors are not builders. With IBI's pre-purchase report I got Paul who is a Licensed Builder and Swimming Pool Certifier out with his thermal camera. Great value!

Dave Miller


Paul helped us dodge a bad property that was so defective I can’t thank him enough. Including the Thermal camera is a bonus, other Inspectors must be going blind…
There was water in the ceiling, leaks around skylights - all discovered by Paul with his thermal camera.

A. Leeman


I would recommend Paul (and have) to anyone as he is a thorough professional and a gentleman who will explain things to you post inspection. Plus he was able to give me price estimates, contacts and advice as I needed it – very helpful, thank you!

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