How A Dilapidation Building Report Can Protect Your Interests

What is a Dilapidation Building Report?

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A Dilapidation Building Report is a written inspection report that records the current state of the property and surrounding buildings.

The report will contain photos and notes that will document the following:

  • A detailed condition of the buildings which include any cracks and existing defects.
  • The state of council assets adjoining the property such as footpaths, kerbs and roads.
  • The general condition of the neighbouring properties that are within the construction zone.

Why you may need a Dilapidation Building Report

The Sydney real estate market is still very active, with construction or renovation sites almost everywhere you look. Construction can cause some issues to the surrounding properties such as cracking and deterioration.

A Dilapidation Building Report can be a precautionary measure because it will record the current condition of the properties surrounding the area where the construction work will begin.

Who can benefit from a Dilapidation Building Report?

  • For builders and developers, the report can discourage any wrongful claims of damage by neighbouring properties.
  • The Council may ask to repair any damage to council assets that are within the area of construction.
  • Property owners within the zone of construction can use the report to file disputes against the builders in case of damage to their assets.

In some cases, a local authority will ask for a Dilapidation Building Report before they approve your construction. That’s why it’s best to arrange for an inspection early on to avoid any problems.

Before construction begins, book a Dilapidation Report inspection with Paul Cavallo. He will provide you with a clear and detailed report that will help protect your interest in case of any property damage.

Call Paul at Independent Building Inspections 0419 868 008

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