Why The Right Expert Witness Is Essential In Building Litigation

Do you have an unresolved building dispute and need an expert witness in building disputes?

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If your building dispute has not been resolved through mediation, you or the other party may wish to take legal action through the NCAT tribunal.

When a case goes through NCAT Tribunal you may need to provide evidence to prove the merits of the application.

Types of evidence needed to support your application in NCAT

Expert evidence regarding the building dispute is presented to NCAT through the following:

  1. Expert Evidence in the form of a written report: The Tribunal recommends written expert witness reports outlining the matters in dispute, stating the facts and including an expert opinion about the problem at hand.
  2. Expert Witness: The NCAT Tribunal often deals with the complicated and technically driven construction process. In such cases, an expert witness can strengthen a legal argument to persuade the court to come up with a binding decision.

Why you want the right building dispute expert witness to support your NCAT case

  • A legal claim usually involves laws, so the expert witness should be familiar and experienced in communicating the relevant laws.
  • An expert witness testimony can define and explain quality standards.
  • There may be multiple issues in a dispute. That’s why expert advice that is specific to your particular building problem is essential in supporting your case.
  • The expert witness has a duty to NCAT to provide fair and unbiased evidence.
  • The expert witness will separate the negative and positive and will help determine the outcome of the case.

If you need an expert witness in building disputes to attend your NCAT hearing, contact Paul Cavallo who will provide you with support and the assurance of an expert opinion. Call Paul on 0419 868 008

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