Modern Technology Makes Building Inspections More Efficient

What equipment do building and pest inspectors use?

independent building inspectors use a thermal imaging camera

The short answer is that two items of modern technology make building and pest inspections much more efficient and effective:

  1. The Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera
  2. Moisture Meters

What role does the building inspector’s experience play?

You might think that an inspector’s experience and expertise is all that it takes when conducting a building and pest inspection. And to some extent that is true.

However, when you put the right technology into the hands of an expert pest and building inspector, you have a winning combination.

One of the most important aspects of a building and pest inspection is detecting potential and existing safety hazards.

Having reliable tools adds enormously to the inspector’s ability to make the most thorough inspection possible.

How these technology tools are make building and pest inspections better

  1. Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera

Thermal imaging is a technique where the heat given off by an object to produce an image is used to identify or locate it.

Thermal imaging is what infrared cameras use to detect unnoticed heat sources.This technology is useful for building and pest inspections because it is non-invasive, especially in damage-prone areas.

Thermal Imaging Cameras can detect the following:

  • Pests – common pests typically live in tight spaces where thermal imaging can pick up their body heat.
  • Insulation gaps – thermal imaging has been used for quite some time to monitor homes for heat loss by spotting gaps in insulation.
  • What an infrared camera can see that you cannot

2. Moisture Meters

As their name suggests moisture meters measure the moisture content of various building materials, such as:

  • roofing
  • insulation
  • drywall
  • plaster
  • wood
  • tile
  • fibreglass.

Mould, decay and leaks are potential results of elevated moisture levels and they can cause structural and safety hazards.

For your building and pest inspection, choose an inspector who has the best combination of knowledge, experience and technology to carry out an efficient inspection. Call Paul Cavallo 0419 868 008.

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