How Mortgage Brokers Can Build Good Referral Sources Through Building Inspections

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Good referral sources are essential for any mortgage broker. The challenge of generating quality leads is common in the property sales industry. Mortgage brokers usually rely on establishing a strong referral network. Clients will be more likely to refer your services if they experience an above and beyond service.

How Building and Pest Inspections help mortgage brokers produce good referral sources

Most property transactions are not without hassles. Making sure your client gets the most suitable mortgage is your primary responsibility.

But protecting their interests by recommending a reliable Building and Pest Inspection service helps guarantee satisfaction.

Issues mortgage brokers can avoid by getting a Building and Pest Inspection

If there are faults in the property after the sale, your client will inherit the liability and this will impact his overall impression of your services.

  1. Your client might not feel he got his money’s worth for the property if he ends up paying for maintenance and repairs. An inspector can help clients appraise the property based on its current condition.
  2. You can avoid putting your client’s safety at risk if they sustain injuries or illness due to the following:
  • Structural issues
  • The presence of mould
  • The presence of pests and termites

Build better client relationships by encouraging your clients to get a Building and Pest Inspections

Better relationships build better referral sources!

When you encourage your clients to pursue the services of a professional inspector you are guiding them in making right decisions for their property that will honour their mortgage agreement. It’s protection you can help your clients provide for themselves, and they will realise the value of your efforts in guiding them.

Mortgage brokers, turn your clients into great sources of referrals by introducing them to a quality, independent Building and Pest Inspector, Paul Cavallo. Call Paul 0419 868 008

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