Top Tips For New Home Final Inspection

What is a New Home Final Inspection?Top tips on acquiring a new home final inspection - image

A New Home Final Inspection is an inspection where a final walkthrough is performed after practical completion of any of the following building works:

  • Building a new home
  • Renovations
  • Extensions

Why you need a New Home Final Inspection

This inspection is conducted to assure buyers that their property is in the condition they agreed to buy. A New Home Final Inspection allows the buyer to point out any defects and let the builder rectify it at his cost.

What is included in your New Home Final Inspection Report?

The inspection will cover all the accessible areas of your new property and check for works that may not comply with the building code and standards. The report will include recommended fixes for any issues found so your builder can address them.

4 Top Tips For New Home Final Inspections

  1. Schedule the inspection close to settlement day. Some issues usually arise when a home is left vacant for a certain amount of time. You don’t want to uncover defects when you’ve already moved in or you are past the warranty period which makes it hard to obligate the builder to rectify defects.
  2. Check your contract and make sure your builder has followed through with what has been listed and outlined.
  3. Have a checklist of what you want to be inspected. You may have specific concerns about your new property; a checklist will make sure you don’t forget any of them.
  4. Get a professional to do the New Home Final Inspection. Completing a thorough building inspection requires expertise. Different areas in your home were constructed by specialised trade contractors so you will need someone who knows what to look for and give the right recommendation to address any issues.

Avoid any stumbling blocks to having your dream home; get a New Home Final Inspection before you make your final payment. Call Paul 0419 868 008

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