Every Home Has Dirty Little Secrets

A pest and mould home inspection will reveal any dangers to your family’s health and safety.

pest and mould home inspection reveal dangers to your family's health and safety

Your house may not be as clean and safe as you think!

You probably often think of you and your family’s health and safety. Typically, your home is where you feel the safest and most secure.

Why would you want a pest and mould inspection for your home?

Because it will reveal any dangers to your family’s health and safety! You are probably concerned about your family’s health and safety and typically, your home is where you feel the safest and most secure.

But did you know that even if you clean your home often, there may be areas that are hiding dirty secrets that can put your family’s health at risk? A pest and mould inspection will reveal those dangers to your family’s health and safety.

Check if your home is hiding dirty secrets

Despite your best cleaning practices, there are places in your home that might be harbouring built-up dirt. It is important for you to know about the nooks and crannies in your home that can be a potential health risk or even cause damage to your home.

Top 7 places for hidden dirt build-up in your home and how to fix them

  1. Carpets and rugs – the undersides of your carpets and rugs might be accumulating dirt and dust even when you vacuum regularly. Make sure you call a professional carpet cleaner every 6-12 months to give your carpets and rugs a thorough cleaning.
  2. Kitchen – your kitchen can hide some of the nastiest dirt and grime. Always check the cracks and crannies between the cabinets and under your appliances. Remember to clean your kitchen vent hood regularly to avoid a build -up of smoke and grease.
  3. Ceiling fans, chandeliers and skylights – Dust your ceiling fans and light fixtures with a feather duster or a damp pillow case so that the dust won’t rain on you.
  4. Toilet Tank – you often clean your toilets but sometimes neglect the tank. You may be surprised at what you’ll see when you open the lid. Turn off the water source and flush out the remaining water so you can clean the inside of the tank.
  5. Dryer vents – check the screen or flapper and clean out the lint often because this can be a serious fire hazard.
  6. Garbage disposal – always clean the underside of the black plastic splash guard on the disposal unit because gunk can stick to it, causing a nasty smell.
  7. Crawl/floor space – water from leaky pipes can sometimes penetrate your crawl space, or there could be a buildup of debris.

What happens if the hidden dirt and grime in your home is unchecked?

  • Dirt and dust can attract bacteria and dust mites, causing allergies and other diseases.
  • Debris and moisture can attract termites that can damage the structures in your home.
  • Toxic mould can grow undetected in your home and can endanger you and your family.

Make sure your home is the safest place for you and your family; have your home inspected for the presence of mould and pests. Then you can find out and how to remove those hazards and prevent their return. Call Paul Cavallo on 0419 868 008

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