Practical Completion Inspection (The Most Important Home Inspection)

Don’t let the excitement of building your new home cloud your judgement!

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Building a new home can be an exhilarating experience and you’ll want to move into your new place as soon as you can. Don’t sign those papers and give final payment to your builder just yet; get a Practical Completion Inspection first!

What is a Practical Completion Inspection?

A Practical Completion Inspection is when you and your builder walk through and collectively review the building works before a handover. It is the stage of the building process where the builder has completed all the construction and is only working on minor details. This type of inspection is usually conducted two weeks before the handover to give the builder time to correct any issues found.

Why a Practical Completion Inspection is critical

Although other types of inspections during the construction stage are important, the Practical Completion Inspection focuses on the final, finished product. It is important to note that the builder will only cover costs and rectify defects that were reported within a specified warranty period. The Practical Completion Inspection is the homeowner’s last opportunity to have the builder complete all the works to your satisfaction without additional cost. This is why this is one of the most important inspections you will need to conduct in your new home.

What happens during a Practical Completion Inspection?

  • The homeowner and builder will go through all the areas of the house to check the final finishes of key construction items and to check if all features are working.
  • You will also check if the builder has delivered on what is agreed on the contract and consistent with the plans approved by the homeowner.
  • Review that the builder has followed the necessary building codes and standards.

Why you want a professional to conduct your Practical Completion Inspection

An excited homeowner can tend to dismiss issues they deem as minor especially if they don’t have the trained eye when it comes to scrutinising building works. Building construction usually covers a large area making it hard to carefully check each construction item on a limited amount of time. This is why the assistance of a professional expert is essential; with the right amount of skill and experience, you are assured your home is thoroughly inspected and any issues clearly identified and rectified before you take possession.

Before you sign the papers and give your final payment to your builder call Paul Cavallo and arrange a Practical Completion Inspection 0419 868 008

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