Selling Your Home? Save Time And Money With A Pre-listing Pest and Building Inspection!

Why you want a pre-listing pest and building inspection before your property goes on the market …

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Most home sellers see building inspections as part of the pre-closing process. What many don’t realise is there is value in booking an inspection before listing their home for sale.

Here’s why:

Because a pre-listing pest and building inspection provides a comprehensive report on the property’s condition you can then decide what you will repair before listing your property or how far you are willing to negotiate in terms of your selling price.

How a pre-listing pest and building inspection can translate into a faster sale and more valuable sale

Pre-listing inspections can help you avoid any issues that might derail a sale. If you know all the significant issues, you can address them beforehand. You will have the advantage of time and proper planning.

You will be able to source the most affordable materials and the right experts to make repairs; this can mean more savings.

What’s more, you will be able to arrive at a fair and reasonable price for your property.

Why most sellers are now keen to get a pre-listing inspection

In the past, pre-listing inspections were often ignored. Sellers are now seeing the value of having a pre-listing inspection because it gives the seller the upper in negotiations. Unless sellers have prior knowledge of the property’s true state of health, buyers usually have the upper hand if they are the ones to book the inspection.

The bottom line is that a pre-listing pest and building inspection can give the control back to the seller in multiple ways:

  • Pre-Listing inspections can give the seller confidence to sell the property knowing all issues have been addressed.
  • Conditional offers are often eliminated once you are upfront about the condition of the property.
  • Addressing all major faults in your property without time constraints can help you list your property at a higher price point.
  • Pre-Listing inspection reports can be used to market your property.

If you want a smooth sales transaction, call Paul Cavallo to arrange your pre-listing pest and building inspection before you put your property on the market 0419 868 008

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