Pre-purchase Inspection: A Crucial Step When Buying A Property

Why is it important to have a pre-purchase inspection before buying?

Buying a property in itself is already costly, not to mention time-consuming. Because most buyers just want to get the whole property buying process over and done with they sometimes forgo having an inspection to save time and money.

Why you need an inspection

Buying a property can be one of your biggest investments, but it can also turn into your greatest liability if you end up with problems that cost you far more than the cost of a pre-purchase inspection of the property.

A Pre-Purchase Inspection produces a report that can help identify conditions that are likely to cause further damage; the report can help you decide whether you cancel your purchase, request to be released from a contract or negotiate the price of the property based on how much it will cost you to do repairs.

What to expect in a pre-purchase inspection

Reputable building inspectors will do a visual inspection of the property and will check for the following:

Structural Issues

Checking for structural issues is one of the essential steps in any building inspection. Any problems with the building’s structure can lead to the following:

  • The building may have weak structure that will cause it to collapse and cause injury
  • If the building does not abide by building codes, you may be liable for the cost of repairs to make sure it conforms to the standard.

Safety Hazards

Safety issues inspectors will look for include:

  • Asbestos and other products that may harm you and your family’s health.
  • The state of the electrical wires, switches and the electrical circuit.
  • The presence of alarms and smoke detectors.
  • Termite activity – some damage due to termite activity are sometimes found too late and makes structure unsound.

Water Issues

Water issues can be one of the costly defects in a property. An inspector will check the house for any signs of water damage such as:

  • Leaking pipes and the damage they have caused to its surrounding areas.
  • Evidence of roof leaks including the roof covers, flashings and the gutters.
  • The presence of mould in damp areas.

There is nothing more important than you and your family’s safety, and that is priceless. Getting a pre-purchase inspection saves you time, money and stress in the long run.

Choose the right building inspector

The right building inspector will have a critical eye to ensure the safety of your investment by giving you a detailed and unbiased report. They should also recommend the right steps and direct you to the right experts should your building need further checking.

Don’t hesitate to ask friends and family for referrals or check reviews of work previously done by the inspector.

Get a pre-purchase building inspection before making an offer on a property. Call Paul Cavallo, Independent Building and Pest Inspector on 0419 868 008

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