A Pre-Sale Pest And Building Inspection May Be Your Best Sales Tactic

Did you know that pre-sale building and pest inspections are not only for buyers, but sellers can benefit from them too?

Pre-Sale pest and building Inspections can help sell your home fast

Properties in top tip condition can quickly sell at a high price. As a vendor, you’ll want to get the best market price for your property, and a full disclosure of the state of the home can help you achieve that.

A pre-sale pest and building inspection report helps buyers make an informed decision about any conditions that can assist in negotiating a realistic sale price.

The value of a pre-sale pest and building inspection to sellers

  1. Getting a professional’s point of view on the condition of the property will help you assess the best price of the home you are selling.
  2. If repairs are needed, you will have the time to look for contractors with competitive bids rather than hiring someone on a rush.
  3. Pre-sales property inspections help avoid a broken or delayed sale that might arise from “surprises” uncovered by the buyer’s inspector.
  4. You can negotiate with the client to accept the property as it is, resulting in a simple transaction.

Pre-Sale property inspection reports can attract potential buyers

Having a pre-sale property inspection report at hand can be an incentive because potential clients will appreciate your transparency. In fact, some lenders and solicitors require a pre-sale inspection as part of the sale agreement because it can act as an assurance that the property is a sound investment.

Top 3 tips for seller during a pre-sale pest and building inspection

  1. Do your research and find a reputable and independent unbiased inspector.
  2. If possible, attend the inspection yourself so you can get the full picture if the report highlights any problems.
  3. Read the inspection report thoroughly and don’t hesitate to ask your inspector clarifying questions or recommendation on certain issues.

If you want the best selling price and a smooth settlement process for your property, call Paul Cavallo and schedule an inspection on 0419 868 008

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