Roof Void Defects (How To Check If Your House Has Them)

What is a roof void?How to check for roof void defects - image

The roof void is the space beneath the roof structure and above the ceiling joists of the uppermost room or rooms in your home. The state of your a roof void can provide a picture of the age and condition of your house including the watertight condition of the roof coverings and flashings.

Common defects in roof voids

1. Roof tiles and structure are damaged or in a state of deterioration
Both sides of the roof and void should be checked for potential water leaks and signs for sagging and deflection. Older homes may have aged tiles that are prone to cracking.

2. Roof and loft ventilation
Lack of insulation can cause outdoor weather temperatures to enter your home, affecting its thermal efficiency. Depending on the season, your air conditioner or heater may work twice as hard, increasing your costs.

3. Termites
Termite infestation can be costly because an infestation can damage the overall structure of your home. This is why a pest inspection is as crucial as part of the building inspection process.

4. Insufficient downlight protector installations
Downlights with insufficient protection can be a fire hazard. If protections are installed, they must be checked to make sure the materials are fire resistant.

Why you should get a building and pest inspection regardless if your property is old or brand new

A newly constructed property can have as many problems as an old one if it wasn’t build up to standards. This is why all property owners should arrange for a building and pest inspection regardless of the age of the building.

A potential buyer or existing homeowner should always do their due diligence by getting a professional inspection to avoid and address problems, especially with roof voids.

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