Stormwater / Sewer Camera Inspection

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Independent Building Inspections cover all areas of Sydney and use specialised CCTV drain cameras to inspect the interior of the drainage pipes.

This is to assess the conditions of the pipes and get an instant details view at the underground sewer or stormwater drainage systems.

A common issue is blocked drains and this affects all types of properties and can be caused by hair build up, tree intrusion, objects, grease, tree root intrusion.

We highly suggest you get a stormwater / sewer camera inspection as it could save the high costs involved on repairs or replacement, it is also a lot less disruption to the occupants in their property while the inspection is being done.

Key Advantages to having Independent Building Inspections assist you in your Stormwater / Sewer Camer Inspection:

  • Over 25 years licensed and Experience Builder
  • Expert Witness for the Courts
  • Available 7 Days a Week - 8am-9pm
  • Friendly Honest Advice
  • Quick Quotes Available
  • Professional Indemnity
  • Inspections available Sydney Wide
  • Master Builder & HIA Insured
  • Full Inspections

Our main objective is to give you the peace of mind on your future property, whether it is a great investment or not - at least you know.

Book Independent Building Inspections now for your Building Inspection, our services are available Sydney Wide 7 Days a Week from 8am - 9am.

Call 0419 868 008 or email to request a quote or to book an inspection

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