Top Ten Surprising Defects Discovered During Independent Building Inspections

Ten examples of the most unbelievable defects my building inspections have revealed this year – so far …

The building defects countdown:

10) Door hardware custom fit to cut your hand when opening in the dark …Building inspection shows door hardware that may bring serious danger
 9) The not so level power point – obviously installed after lunch at the pub?Building inspection shows unlevel installation
8) Sharp cut and serrated tile edges … perfect for the homeowner in need of a foot full of stitches!building inspection shows sharp and serrated tile edges
7) Neat pipework by a master trades person …building inspection shows unprofessional pipework
6) This was left for the homeowner to sort out – too stressful for the tradie? building inspections shows messy wires
5) Why go in behind the wall and through the studs when it’s quicker to go where the plasterboard was and leave the live cables exposed?building inspection shows live cables exposed
4) Roller door brackets don’t fit ? Just cut the wall and let the brickwork above fall on someone’s head! At least the door opens now …Building inspection shows dangerous installation of door brackets
3) Insulation over down lights … BBQ anyone?Building inspection shows dangerous insulation
2) When busy just let owners wait. Let the frame sit for 6 months; it’s OK, it will only cause a mould outbreak … Building inspection shows mould outbreak
1) The best, or at least the one that astonished me the most – if the window latch won’t work, then cut a notch into the wall beside it so it will lock and latch it there …Building inspection shows a wallcut because of a window latch

The moral to the story is that you really want to book Independent Building Inspections for Critical Stage inspections when you’re building so that you can prevent these or similar defects.

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