Top 3 Benefits Of A Building Handover Inspection For Your New Property

What is a handover inspection?

Top 3 Benefits Of An Independent Building Handover Inspection For Your New Property

A handover inspection is a report for the buyer of a newly constructed property and is done before the buyer takes possession of the new property.

Why a handover inspection is not only important but essential

When you are building or buying a new home or unit, you’ll want an assurance that you’re getting what you paid for and the handover inspection report sets out the facts for you.

Handover inspections prevent buyers from being at risk of added post-build costs

The purpose of the inspection is to identify if the property is built according to plan and specifications and meets the Australian Standards and Tolerances.

Your interpretation of quality work might not be to the same standards as the builder, and an inspection will help check that the workmanship is satisfactory.

Most builders will be keen to handover the property and collect their payment quickly.

That’s why you want to schedule the inspection as soon as construction has reached the practical completion phase.From the point of practical completion, you only have a limited time during which you can report defects and expect your builder to make any necessary changes.

Top 3 benefits for a buyer from handover inspections

A handover inspection will allow an independent inspector to thoroughly evaluate your home from the foundations down to the finishing touches.

  1. Getting a handover inspection will assure you that experts will be able to detect defects that non-experts won’t notice.
  2. A handover inspection can be a useful negotiating tool in the final stages of completion if the report shows major faults.
  3. The handover inspection report will give the buyer peace of mind, knowing they can move into the property worry free.

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