Top Ten Tricks By Home Vendors For A Fast Sale

Buyer beware!

If you want to sell your home you may be keen to do it quickly so you can get on with the next phase of your life. You may even be anxious to move on to your next home, pending the sale of your current property.

If you are a buyer, howveer, I encourage you to be aware of some of the tricks that vendors may play in their eagerness to make a fast sale. Unfortunately, some vendors may behave rashly in an attempt to present their property in its best possible light. As a buyer then, you need to be constantly on your guard to spot these tricks.

Common tricks played by property vendors:

  1. Termite management labels removed from the meter box.
  2. Termite management drill holes covered up with landscaping.
  3. Vacuum cleaner dust used to cover water staining in the roof void.
  4. Furniture placement to cover defects
  5. Excessive personal effects and stored goods to prevent access and visual inspection.
  6. Posters and pictures to cover up defects on walls.
  7. Patched or recently painted timber work to hide defects.
  8. Locked doors to prevent access to somme rooms.
  9. Distraction and misdirection by vendors to sabotage the inspection process.
  10. Locked garages or cars  parked under manholes to prevent access to roof voids.

That’s why you want an experienced Building and Pest Inspector who has seen all these tricks and many more!

We will keep our eyes open for all these tricks while we do a comprehensive building and pest inspection for you.

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