Top 7 Tips To Add Value To Your Home Through Renovations

Adding value via renovations helps you climb the property ladder

Top 7 Tips To Add Value To Your Home Through Renovations

Whether you are preparing to sell or just want to keep your home in its best possible condition, home improvements can help increase the value of your property. Doing home renovations is a sure fire strategy to maximise your property investment returns. However, it’s very easy to waste your hard-earned cash on renovations that don’t add any actual value to the property. That’s why I am offering you my Top 7 Tips To Add Value To Your Home Through Renovations.

What type of home improvements can add the most value?

Often, homeowners go for cosmetic enhancements, but basic structural repairs are as important too. If you don’t  pay attention to any underlying structural issues of your home and are trying to cover them up through cosmetic solutions, you will more than likely be faced with more problems that can disrupt your renovation plans. So here are my top 7 tips for home renovations that can boost the value of your property.

  1. Add an ancillary dwelling

If you have a large block which is larger than 450 square metres you can use the space to build a granny flat. Granny flats have become popular and have been returning good incomes for many homeowners, with some yielding up to  $500 per week.

2. Invest in improving the front yard

Buyers are drawn to how the property looks on the outside. To make your property more appealing, you can make the following improvements to the front of your house:

  • Add a garden or re-landscape an existing one.
  • Pressure clean the pavements and drivewa.y
  • Render the brick facade for a more up-to-date style.

3. Repaint

A fresh coat of paint can do wonders to a house. Choose modern colour schemes that can give your home a vibrant look.

4. Fix the superficial defects

Buyers are quickly put off by small details such as a door handle or knob not working. Make sure you tackle the little things before they become bigger problems.

5. Modernise floor covering and light fittings

Older homes or those not maintained well can benefit from updated floor coverings or inexpensive but more modern-looking light fittings to give the home a fresh and up-to-date look.

6. Makeover your kitchen and bathroom 

Clean and attractive kitchens and bathrooms are on the top of some buyers’ checklists when they are looking to buy a property. Make sure the kitchen and bathroom look hygienic. You can also modernise the look by updating the laminate on the bench tops or replacing taps and towel racks.

7. Consult an expert before you make improvements

While you may want to save money and DIY some of the renovations, it is best to contact an expert so you can be guided accordingly on which home improvement solutions are cost effective.

If you need advice on potential structural and cosmetic improvements on your home contact Paul Cavallo on 0419 868 008

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