What Are The Real Reason For Building Inspections?

Independent Building Inspections are essential for every property transaction.

purpose of building inspections

All builders have to follow minimum safety standards outlined in the adopted codes as mandated by law. The purpose of building inspections is to help ensure that builders comply with these standards to protect your safety and your investment.

What is the purpose of independent building inspections?

  • A building inspection provides advice to the client about the condition of the property at the time of the inspection.
  • A building inspection checks for evidence of current structural damage and any conditions that may lead to structural damage.
  • A building inspection considers major defects and collective minor defects along with secondary and finishing elements.
  • Building Inspections can expose hidden defects that may have been concealed deliberately by a seller.
  • Building Inspections can check the property for any recent alterations and determine if the renovations have been documented with proper permits and registrations.
  • Independent Building inspection reports can be used to negotiate the price of a property during a sales transaction.
  • Building inspector’s depending on the result of the inspections can direct you to the right experts for advice on how significant issues can affect your property and how best to deal with them.

Types of building inspections reports

Building inspections give an expert’s view of the current condition of the property. Aside from pre-purchase building inspection reports, here are the other types of building inspection reports:

  • Special–purpose property reports
  • Pest inspection reports
  • Pre-sale (vendor) building reports
  • Asbestos reports
  • Swimming pool compliance certificates

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