Why You Need A Vendor’s Inspection Report

A Vendor’s Inspection Report gives you the best chance of selling your property fast.

Real estate transactions can be difficult and emotional. Not all transactions are the same; you might come across a buyer with unrealistic expectations or someone who has endless questions. The last thing you want is to be bombarded with issues about the state of your property when a potential buyer arranges for a pre-purchase inspection. A Vendor’s Inspection Report can prevent these types of delays.

Vendors and their agents can avoid getting caught off guard if they arrange for a vendor’s inspection report.

What is a Vendor’s Report?

A Vendor’s Report is a building and pest inspection report requested by the seller of a property to give to interested buyers.

Reports from vendor inspections and pre auction inspections are the same reports prospective buyers receive, except that the vendor or real estate agent has access to these building inspection reports and their findings before a sale.

Advantages of a Vendor’s Report

  • Your Vendor’s Report can give the seller a heads-up if the property has discoverable. faults; this will allow the vendor to fix any faults that might affect the price of the property.
  • Vendor Inspection Reports can provide transparency and full disclosure on the condition of the property.
  • A Vendor’s Report will enable purchasers to act quickly when buying the property or at auction.
  • A Vendor’s Report saves time contacting various companies inspecting your property during the pre-auction or pre-sale period.

How to choose the best building inspector for your Vendor’s Inspection Report

Vendors and purchasers should make sure that inspections are conducted by an independent and unbiased company. The right inspector should be able to provide a detailed report and the proper recommendation on any discoverable faults.

Have the confidence to sell and present your property in the best possible light by getting a Vendor’s Inspection Report from an experienced, qualified building inspector. Call Paul Cavallo 0419 868 008

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