Why You Need Stage Inspections When Building A New Home

What you need to know about Stage Inspections when building a new home

Stage Inspections When Building A New Home
If you’re building a new home, you may already appreciate how important Stage Construction Inspections are. Stage Construction Inspections are essential if you want a professional and unbiased opinion on the quality of materials, workmanship and compliance during the process of building your new home.

Four critical phases of Construction Stage Inspections and why they matter

  1. Concrete slab stage – This stage inspection checks the floor slab preparation before pouring the concrete. Since slab is the foundation of your home, any errors can affect other structural elements of the building.
  2. Wall and roof framing – The framing stage inspection reports on the general quality and compliance level of your building’s structural framework. This inspection helps determine appropriate wall placement and the correct dimension of your windows and doors.
  3. Pre-Lining / Lock-up stage -This stage inspection is made after completion of the roof. It identifies any issues with the building’s structural components and checks if the builders are following the building plans. The correct installation of the following services is also evaluated:• Plumbing.
    • Gas.
    • Electrical
  4. Pre-Handover – This is the final stage inspection where construction is substantially complete. This inspection is performed before they keys are handed over. It is focused on the quality and workmanship of the overall project and ensures the owners that their expectations of the building have been met.

Why you want Independent Building Inspections on your team during the construction process

  1. You will want a licensed and experienced builder to conduct a Stage Construction Inspection on your property.
  2. When you choose Independent Building Inspections (IBI), you will have an industry expert with over 25 years experience.
  3. He is available and at your service seven days a week.
  4. Independent Building Inspections will outline all the best recommendations to rectify any small or large issue that needs addressing. We will provide a detailed, unbiased report supported by photographic evidence.

If you are thinking of building a new home, arrange for independent, expert construction stage inspections with Paul Cavallo on 0419 868 008

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