Pest And Building Inspections – Why Not To Buy A House Without One

Never, ever buy a house without a Building and Pest Inspection!

Buying a property without a Building and Pest inspection is playing Russian Roulette with your purchase and is completely unnecessary.

Having a mate or family member stick their head under the floor and take a quick poke around is not going to guarantee you that they will spot any defects.

That’s why you always want a licensed Building Inspector to do your inspection

Using a fully licensed professional is the only way to guarantee that you are insured with the outcome. If you are asking a mate to do the inspection for you, then you will want to ask yourself:

  • Are you insured by your mate or family member to cover any situation? Of course not!
  • What happens to your relationship if they miss seeing problems that can cost you thousands of dollars down the track? How will you feel about them? How will they handle the guilt and emotional baggage that will come with letting you down?

A professional pest and building pre-purchase inspection is ALWAYS a good investment

In all of the inspections I have completed where people say they had their friend or dad etc look at the building and found it to be fine,  I have never had even one single purchaser say my inspection was a waste of money – quite the opposite, in fact!

Recent pest and building inspection case study

A few weeks ago I traveled nearly 2 hours out of Sydney for a young lady who wanted a second opinion, although her father, 15 years my senior and a builder, had looked at it and said it needed some work but “not that much at all.”

On inspecting the house here’s what I found it needed:

  1. A bulldozer – expensive!
  2. Asbestos removal approval – expensive!
  3. and a match… just kidding!

As a fully independent pest and building inspector, here are just a few of the problems I identified:

  • indepnedent building inspection revealed unsupported slab with rusted metal edgingUndermined and unsupported slabs complete with a rusted metal edging as sharp as a knife
  • An asbestos lined interior, exterior and garage as well.indepnedent building inspection revealed asbestos lined interior and exterior garage walls
  • indepnedent pest and building inspection revealed found live termites in the yardLive termites in the yard in this dead tree stump.
  • indepnedent building inspection revealed mouldy subfloor without cappingA mouldy subfloor with no pest control  (ant capping), rotten joists complete with the reason why its rotting (a water leak above).
  •  indepnedent pest and building inspection found unconnected downpipesUnconnected downpipes.
  •  pest building inspection with thermal camera revealed active termite's nest pest and building inspection with thermal camera found termite's nestOur Thermal Camera found this termite nest in the corner. It was so advanced and large that studs and noggins are gone. (left of the top of the window)
  • indepnedent building inspection revealed ruptured retaining wallsRuptured retaining walls that could fall and kill a child.

Building inspections reveal faults in every house

Every house has faults but you need to know to what extent they will effect your purchase and whether fixing them will fit into your budget.

In this case the house was so bad it would have been the worst start imaginable to her real estate ownership, not to mention the strain it would have put on her relationship with her father.

What we passionately do for your investment…

At Independent Building Inspections we take our job seriously and know we are market leaders in the Building Inspection Industry because we have better tools, more experience and an eye for detail that can’t be earned in a 3 day course that our competitors complete.

We have never worked in any other Industry, having over 25 years building experience as current Licensed Builders …

We do both Pest and Building Inspections together by the one qualified person. There is absolutely no need for you to pay for two inspectors, when one fully qualified inspector can do an excellent job for you.

We cover all areas of Sydney, Blue Mountains and both North and South Coasts .

PLUS Our Thermal Camera check is included free – Contact us today.

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