Construction Expert Witness: A Litigation Guide

Why you may become involved in litigation about your building project

Construction projects are usually long-term, complex transactions. These factors produce the potential for disagreements and differences about contract terms. What’s more, many people have interests at stake in construction projects, so disputes are common.

Litigation happens when disputes end up in court for resolution.

What are some common situations that may lead to litigation?

Many of the factors that cause disputes leading to litigation involve construction and design, including:

  • Building delays
  • Codes and compliance that involve permits and titles
  • Construction costs
  • Construction defects
  • Contracts including financing, bonds and insurance
  • Construction management

How are building disputes resolved by litigation?

In litigation, the parties are subject to the following forms of discovery:

  • Interrogation
  • Admission request
  • Document production demands
  • Depositions

Why you want Construction Expert Witness on your team

If you find yourself involved in a dispute in the construction industry, you will want to hire a construction expert witness.

They can clarify relevant facts that distinguish truth from allegations.

Three examples where a building expert witness is vital:

A breach of contract lawsuit that involves construction cost and performance.

A construction accident leading to a wrongful death claim.

An appeal for a permit denial.

These instances will need a scientific testimony that can help shed light on the facts of the case.

What is a Construction Expert Witness?

Expert witness testimonies can strengthen a legal argument to persuade the court to come up with a binding decision. The construction expert witness with the right qualification should be able to provide the technical insight you need to deal with the dispute.

How to choose the right expert witness

The construction expert witness testimony can cover all your construction claims. The expert best for the job should have extensive knowledge, skills and experience in the industry.

A legal claim from a construction project may involve several laws, so the expert witness should be able to explain industry standards.

Some experts have licenses and certifications that qualify them to testify on various aspects of construction, such as:

  • Standard of Care
  • Unfair Trade Practices
  • Complex Engineering Processes
  • Scheduling Delays
  • Estimates

A quality expert witness testimony can speak to what signifies as satisfactory workplace conditions and quality standards.

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