Why You Should Hire A Building Inspector When Building Or Renovating Your Home


Hire a building inspector when building or renovating to make sure you get what you’re paying for …

If you’re currently in the process of building a home or are paying builders to complete home renovations, it’s crucial to have regular building inspections, to make sure that your builders are completing work to a high standard. Unfortunately, it’s only too common for builders to cut corners in order to increase their profit margins.

An independent building inspector is your best friend when building or renovating

If you want to avoid spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars down the track to fix any problems your home may have, it’s well worth hiring an independent building inspector to check out the work your builder has already completed. That way, if your builder has neglected to fulfill their contractual obligations, they’ll have to fix any problems within a reasonable period of time.

Keep in mind that your builder will be less likely to fix any problems once you’ve paid their fee in full. In short, the role of your building inspector is to ensure that the house that you pay for, is the house that you receive.

What makes our home inspections stand out from our competitors?

  1. Our team can complete a home inspection at any stage of the building process. Whether your builder has completed two months of work or your new home is weeks away from being completed, our highly qualified home inspectors are able to conduct a building inspection for you. If you want to avoid any nasty surprises, it may be worth having regular inspections, every few months, until your new home is completed.
  2. You’ll receive by email a detailed report of our findings within 24 hours of your building inspection.
  3. Your report will contain examples of suspected non compliance and substandard workmanship as well as incomplete jobs and potential safety hazards. If your builder has strayed from the contract which you signed, you’ll also be notified.
  4. If you find it difficult to communicate your issues with your builder, our dedicated professionals can talk to your builder on your behalf. As an example, if we find that your builder has cut corners and hasn’t kept to your contract, we can talk to your builder to ensure that they keep to their end of your contract.
  5. All of our inspections are based off the Australian guide to Standards and Tolerances and the National Construction Code.

Why should you consider hiring our team for inspections of renovations and extensions?

If you’re investing in renovating your home, it’s also worth hiring our team to inspect your builder’s progress. The fact is that it’s actually more difficult for a builder to integrate new structures with existing structures, so there’s a high chance that your builder will fall short with their obligations.

Our team of professional building inspectors can also inspect your existing home before any renovations and can give you helpful advice on planning and executing you renovations or extensions.

So whether you’re planning on renovating your existing home or planing to build a brand new home, it’s well worth getting in contact with our team at your earliest convenience.

Call our expert building inspector when building or renovating your home to make sure you get what you’re paying for  0419 868 008

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