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A Pre Purchase Building Inspection Helps You Make The Right Decision

What is the purpose of a pre purchase building inspection?

The purpose of a pre purchase building inspection is to provide you with advice about the condition of the house at the time of the inspection.

A building inspection looks for any evidence of structural damage and any conditions that may cause structural damage in the future.

Your pre-purchase report also includes our findings about both major and minor defects in the house and other buildings on the property.

We also identify and record in your report any safety hazards we find at the date and time of inspection.

Does a pre-purchase building inspection have any limitations?

Yes. A limiting factor of a pre-purchase home or building inspection is that the inspection is confined to the readily accessible areas of the building and the site. That means it is based on a visual examination only of the surface work, and it does not allow for carrying out any tests. Nor does it allow for any invasive inspection if the inspector suspects any defects.

Standards of a pre-purchase building inspection

In providing an overall assessment of a house the building is usually compared with a building that was constructed in accordance with the generally accepted practice at the time of construction. Plus, it is commonly compared with a house that has been well maintained so that there has been no significant loss of strength and serviceability.

More than an inspection … it is actually an investigation

Another objective of a building inspection before you decide to purchase is to expose any hidden defects in the building that may have been concealed purposely by a vendor. Sellers may do this in order to sell the house quickly or for more than it is really worth.

Conditions such as concealed sub-floor doors or locked rooms are more common than you might think. If these are found, then you want to exercise caution and ask further questions before jumping into a purchase.

Other concealed defects might include the presence of new sub-floor timbers or new skirting boards, both indicators that may suggest past termite damage.

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