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Many industries are adapting to modern technology, including UAV drones in building inspections

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Technology has been revolutionising different aspects of everyday life. In the last few years, a range of industries has embraced numerous advances in technology.

Among the industries taking advantage of groundbreaking technology are the building and construction industry. From the use of thermal imaging cameras to moisture meters and now the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) or drones for inspections.

How UAV drones are used in building inspections

  • Drones are used to gauge topography.
  • They can monitor construction progress and carry out ground surveying.
  • Drones can eliminate the use of expensive scaffolding and dangerous ladders, making it safe and money saving.
  • Since a drone can fly around an entire site or a building in minutes, inspections are less time-consuming.
  • Drones can take photos from previously tricky angles and in complicated structures.
  • Thermal imaging cameras and moisture meters can be integrated into drones making them multi-purpose devices.

How UAV drone technology and the right expert experience can enhance a building inspection

Many building inspectors are already using modern technology to help make their work more efficient. However, having the right equipment shouldn’t be your only qualification when looking for an inspector.

A licensed and experienced builder who makes use of modern equipment should conduct building Inspections. Independent Building Inspections (IBI) has over 25 years experience in the industry and is available seven days a week.

For your building inspection, choose an inspector who has the best combination of knowledge, skills, experience and technology to carry out an efficient inspection. Call Paul Cavallo 0419 868 008.

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