Pre-Purchase Inspection Reports For Low-rise Commercial Properties (And How They Help You)

Why bother with a pre-purchase building inspection for a commercial property?

pre-purchase inspection reports for commercial properties

When you buy a commercial property, you don’t want to spend money unnecessarily on repairs that could have been identified beforehand. You’ll want to achieve a successful transaction with little to no hassle in securing your property investment. That’s why you want to get pre-purchase inspection reports for commercial properties.

A pre-purchase inspection can help you make sure you’re aware of the real condition of the property before you make a purchase decision.

Benefits of a Commercial Property Pre-Purchase Inspection Report

  1. The report will contain a detailed description of any issues that can throw light on any damage and any repairs needed for:
    • Various building components
    • External Structures
  2. You will be given expert advice by the inspector regarding repair costs and remedial maintenance.
  3. You can use the details of the report to negotiate the price of the commercial property, depending on the results.

What does the Commercial Property Pre-Purchase Inspection Cover?

  1. General building defects including:
    • Structural defects
    • Repairs needed
    • Maintenance issues
  2. Internal and external aspects of the following:
    • Walls
    • Roofing
    • Windows and frames
    • Doors
  3. The condition of the following:
    • Gutters
    • Pipes
    • Plumbing
    • Patios
    • Balconies
    • Stairs
    • Electrical wiring

Before you make a decision to buy a commercial property, invest in a Pre-Purchase Inspection And Report from a licensed and experienced inspector like Independent Building Inspections. Call Paul Cavallo 0419 868 008

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