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If you’re building a new home, you need to know about expert construction stage inspections …

expert construction stage inspections

When you dream of building a new home, you picture a perfect outcome during the planning stage.

Sadly, just like any other construction project, building a new house is not without issues and faults. Even when you choose a reputable builder, there are so many processes involved in the construction that important details can be overlooked.

This is why it’s crucial if you are having a new home built to get independent, expert inspections throughout the building process. These periodic inspections are known as construction stage inspections.

What is a construction stage inspection

Expert construction stage inspections are conducted to protect you, the homeowner and your investment.

During the inspection, the independent inspector will check if these three factors met the standards:

  1. Proper building techniques.
  2. Workmanship.
  3. Quality of work and materials.

What happens during a construction stage inspection?

The inspections include critical observation of some aspects of the new home and the finished product as a whole.
The inspection involves four different stages:

  1. The concrete slab

    • The dimensions of the slab should be accurate.
    • The plumbing should be in proper place.
    • Cracks are scrutinised and evaluated.
  1. Wall and roof framing

    • The room frame should conform to the most recent plans.
    • Wall placement should be appropriate.
    • Windows and doors should have the correct dimensions and be in the proper place.
    • Tie down straps should be correctly installed.
  1. Pre-Lining / Lock-up stage

    Correct installation of the following:
    • Bricklaying.
    • Weatherboard.
    • Roof covering.
    • A frame is ready for insulation.
    • Plumbing.
    • Gas.
    • Electrical.
    • Structural components and their readiness for finishing the surface material installation.
  1. Pre-Handover

Detailed inspection of all the finished materials and workmanship, including:
• Cabinets.
• Ceilings.
• Bathrooms.
• Rendering.
• Brick cleaning and plastering.
• The layout and front elevation are consistent with the plans.
• Finishing components have been accurately installed.

To ensure a smooth construction process and excellent outcome, arrange for independent, expert construction stage inspections with Paul Cavallo 0419 868 008

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