What do Building Inspectors actually do?

Types of Building Inspections

Building inspectors make sure that infrastructures are safe by checking the building infrastructure complies with:

  • Building codes
  • Ordinances
  • Zoning laws.

Independent building inspectors make sure that the structural integrity and materials used comply with or exceed the standards set by the proper authority.  

Why there are different types of building inspections?

While the general term is building inspection, there are different types of inspections. Most inspectors have different specialities that target specific areas in a home or building.

Some situations also call for a different type of inspection, whether you are building a new home or buying an existing one. These kinds of inspection help in making sure you are making the right decision in your property transaction.

What Are The Different Types of Building Inspections?

Inspections of existing properties

  • Building and Pest Inspections – These inspections can help to evaluate the condition of an existing property, to check for signs of deterioration and calculate repair costs. This includes Pre-Purchase Inspections which are ideal for potential buyers of an existing property.
  • Special Purpose Inspections – These are for issues that arise randomly or even over an extended period. These inspections aim to identify and detail specific defects of a particular component of a building like timber decks, beams and walls.

Stage inspections during the construction of a building

If you are building a new property, Construction Stage Inspections will help ensure that proper building techniques are followed and that the work and materials used are of the specified type and quality in each stage of the construction. Typical stages are:

  • Handover Inspection
  • Footing Inspection
  • Slab Inspection
  • Frame Inspection
  • Lock-up Inspection
  • Fixing Stage
  • Practical Completion Stage

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