How Building And Pest Inspections Save You Money

An alarming number of property buyers are skipping a building and best inspection to save money …

What they don’t realise is that this decision may actually cost them money!

building and best inspections save money

When you are in the market to own, rent or invest in a property, you can expect problems to arise now and then because no property is perfect. Whatever problems you may encounter, you are always better off if you face them fully informed, rather than trying to make decisions without all the facts.

The best way to identify potentially stressful problems and to save money down the track is with an independent pest and building inspection.

What happens in a building and pest inspection?

  1. A building inspection will identify any issues with the construction of the building. A professional inspector thoroughly examines any possible serious structural problems that can lead to injury or costly repairs
  2. In a pest inspection, a professional will perform checks to look for the presence of damaging creatures such as termites.
  3. The inspector provides a detailed, written report specifying any faults found.

How you will benefit from getting a building and pest inspection

  1. Whether you plan to live in or rent the property you plan to buy, safety should be your priority. A building and pest inspection report will alert you to any safety hazards that may cause harm to you and your family or to your tenants.
  2. Getting a building and pest inspection is a precautionary measure that will save you time and money. A property can look perfect on the outside, but there may be lurking imperfections that would cost you a large sum of money to fix.
  3. A building and pest inspection report can give you an advantage in the bidding or negotiation of the property. You can opt out of a contract or ask to drive the price down, citing the amount it will take you to make repairs.

Why you shouldn’t skip a building and pest inspection just to save money

Skipping a building and pest inspection might save you money initially, but it doesn’t assure you that you won’t be shelling out a lot more in the future. When you get a Building and Pest Inspection, the report will help you make smarter and informed decisions in your property transaction; it will give you an idea whether the property is worth your time, effort and money.

In the end, the amount you pay for a Building and Pest Inspection is nothing compared to having peace of mind knowing you made the right decision in buying your property.

Before you make an offer on a property, make the smart decision to get a Building and Pest Inspection – it may save you a lot of money! Call Paul Cavallo on 0419 868 008

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