Top 5 Pre-Purchase House Inspection Questions

Most potential homeowners recognise the importance of pre-purchase inspections

Top 5 Pre-Purchase House Inspection Questions

Deciding to book a pre-purchase home inspection is your first step in the right direction because it shows you already recognise the importance of protecting your property investment right from the start.

The next important step in your property transaction is to arm yourself with the right knowledge about pre-purchase building inspections so you can ask your inspector the right questions.

Top 5 pre-purchase house inspection questions

What you need to know before and during pre-purchase home inspections:

  1. How do I choose the best home inspector? The best home inspectors are those who have already built an excellent reputation in the field. Your home inspector can be a recommendation from family or friends who have the first-hand experience based on their own pre-purchase home inspection.
  2. What are the common red flags during a home inspection? Your home inspector should highlight in the report any issues that might cost you more money or may be a source of harm to you and your family.
    • The presence of asbestos
    • Water issues
    • Structural issues
    • Pests

    If any of these issues appear on the report, don’t go running for the hills right away. Your inspector should recommend a suitable course of action such as using these issues to negotiate the purchase price of the property.

  3.  If there are major issues in the home, who should fix it? A good pest and building inspector should point out in their report, within the scope of their inspection, what needs maintenance, replacement or fixing. The inspector should also be able to recommend or refer the right experts to do further work on the property.
  4. How soon can an inspector check my home and make the report? As soon as you ask for an inspection, the building inspector will schedule an appointment within 24 – 48 hours of you contacting them. A good inspector should recognise the urgency of a homeowner’s request to have an inspection done. Some buyers want to complete all transactions as soon as possible so they can enjoy their new property. The inspector will usually produce a report within one day of the inspection providing there are no areas that need further checking.
  5. Will it possible to make certain changes to the property after I buy it? As a potential homeowner, I encourage you to outline your plans for the property. If home inspectors are aware of your plans they will be able to advise you on different cost options based on what comes up on their home inspection report.

The importance of pre-purchase inspections before buying

A pre-purchase inspection can help answer all, if not most of your questions about a property before you decide to buy. It will help ease your concerns and the anxiety that comes with taking the risk of investing in a property.

Your professional, independent pre-purchase home inspection will also give you the comfort of knowing you have done all you can to protect your family’s safety.

If you need a building inspector who will readily answer any questions and concerns and will give you cost effective advice, call Paul Cavallo, Independent Building and Pest Inspector, on 0419 868 008

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